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Companies of All Industries

At AMG, you’ll find everything you need to introduce your professional business to the world and start it with confidence and legal guarantees. Thanks to our modern methods, strategic planning, cutting-edge technologies, accurate follow-up procedures, passionate efforts, and partnership with AJA, we are able to complete your government transactions, renew your legal documents, and find the appropriate solutions for all your legal affairs in a safe and secure manner.

Clinics and Medical Centers.

Looking for a trusted partner that helps you set-up your cosmetic or medical clinic in the UAE? Wondering about the best way to legally equipping your clinic, getting licenses to start your professional plan, and developing your clinic? This is why we are here! AMG experts and their legal partners in AJA are ready to pave the way for your success by completing all your legal transactions and paying attention to every single detail in the equipment journey.

Offshore and Free Zone Companies .

AMG is proud to provide you with professional legal services help you set up your Free Zone company, in cooperation with AJA, providing the opportunity for foreign companies to establish their remarkable presence in the marketplace, and facilitating legal transactions for entrepreneurs business owners, in Jebel Ali or other free zones in the UAE.

Commercial Facilities and Restaurants .

Setting up your restaurant or commercial facility requires a professional way of planning, managing, and developing, in addition to a special legal knowledge such as our specialized team and legal partners in AJA owns. At AMG, we provide you with all the services you need to build your business, starting from licensing transactions and setting up the facility, to ownership documents and necessary fees, with providing successful investment plans that help you establish your business and grow it in Dubai.

Financial institutions .

Start with deliberate steps that guarantee you a strong entry into the business market with AMG, where experience and hard work are brought together in the most professional way in Dubai.  Our specialized team is here to establish banking relationships commensurate with the economic growth of your business, and provide all financial and business services, while managing your facility with a well-thought-out strategy to succeed, and beyond!