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AMG is your partner on your business journey, helping you define your business, grow your project, and execute contracts and legal agreements. We develop your business with well-thought-out strategies and a team of experts. Our team will facilitate procedures on your behalf, paying attention to the slightest details of your transactions.
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Business set-up in Dubai mainland (Department of Economic Development)

(Industrial, commercial, professional, and tourism licenses)

Our team of experts and specialists help you conduct economic feasibility studies, monitor general economic changes to improve the quality of work, keep pace with local production, and achieve sustainable development. AMG provides you with all measures of economic growth, enhances the production process, and provides the necessary support for your project.

  • Clinics and medical centers set-up
  • Factory set-up
  • Commercial licenses issuance and renewal
  • Trade name reservation
  • Security clearances
  • Drafting incorporation contracts
  • Documentation before the notary public
  • Providing offices for rent
  • External approvals from the competent authorities
  • Investor’s residency issuance
  • Opening bank accounts

Free zone company set-up

AMG services in the UAE’s free zones are an integral part of our scope of work. We handle the mission of developing your business in the free zones and the follow-up of the legal procedures applied in each free zone. Our legal partner, AJA, provides you with integrated services and legal solutions you essentially need to manage your facility safely and legally and set it up in accordance with UAE laws and regulations, being your trusted legal and commercial guidance that takes your hand to achieve business growth and increase opportunities in the labor market.

 Follow-up and clear transactions at all government departments

You no longer have to exert effort to complete your government transactions. Our legal partner, AJA, is here to accomplish your transactions at all government departments, customs, and real estate. It is also ready to follow up on residency affairs in the United Arab Emirates. Our integrated team and legal partner will make things easier for you and accomplish all your affairs in an organized legal manner.

Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation

Land Department

Dubai Customs

Department of Economic Development

Roads & Transport Authority

Dubai Civil Defense

Dubai Municipality

Dubai Health Authority

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affair

Tax consultation

You can’t perfectly achieve your work without efficient tax management and accounting systems, and this is why we are here; simply to explain your tax returns and financial affairs, help you equip your facility, and legally register your products. AMG team can facilitate, document and authenticate all your loan transactions within a reasonable time.

  • Corporate registration for tax authorities and obtaining tax identification number
  • Structuring and designing the accounting systems in proportion to the tax systems, which provides ease and integration in creating tax reports
  • Avoiding double taxation and processing taxes collected and supplied within the facility’s accounting systems
  • Preparing and reviewing the forms and periodic tax returns to properly submit them to the competent authorities in the GCC countries
  • Follow up on objections related to tax returns and their results
  • Registration and deregistration of individuals and groups in VAT
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Federal Tax Authority on your taxes’ issues
  • Submit a “reconsideration” request and a voluntary tax disclosure based on the decisions issued by the Federal Tax Authority
  • Prepare and submit VAT returns on your behalf
  • Submit all refund claims on your behalf
  • Office equipment
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Patents and trademarks registration
  • Product registration
  • Legal translation services
  • Company service provider
  • Loan and mortgage facility
  • Authentication of Official Documents
  • PR services
  • Insurance services
  • Auditing and financial services